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Blackwater Housing Development

Blackwater Housing Development consists of 72 houses located on the Isle of Lewis for Hebridean Housing Partnership. CalMax Construction successfully secured the contract to build these houses and construction began in July 2022.

The completion of the development will be carried out in 3 phases, enabling initial occupancy to take place as the project advances. The planned handover process has been meticulously planned to minimize any inconvenience to both new and neighboring residents.

This project has not only provided housing solutions but has also facilitated job creation, supported local enterprises, and fostered the establishment of new apprenticeship opportunities.

Efficient Construction

Environmental Sustainability

Time Management

The assurance and reliance on on-site workmanship for controlling thermal bridging and air tightness is significantly reduced with Valutherm+. Unlike other insulation methods, Valutherm+ does not involve adding extra layers of insulation to the structure. Instead, all the insulation is seamlessly integrated within the building panel during the manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for additional on-site work and ensures a more efficient and effective insulation solution.

The Construction Process

Sustainable practices are integral not only to the final home but also to the fabrication and construction procedures. True sustainability entails developing a structure that is environmentally friendly and resource-efficient from the initial stages of siting and design to construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and also demolition.

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