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Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Station
Waste Transfer Station

Calmax have established a waste transfer station adjacent to our yard on the outskirts of Stornoway. This site is primarily used for storing, sorting or processing site waste to reduce waste and allow for materials to be reused where possible. The material which will be stored and sorted on site include, hardfill, Road Base, Concrete, Bricks/Blocks, Tiles & Ceramics, Mixtures, Soil and stones, Topsoil, Metal, Timber

The separated materials are stored in designated areas and Calmax personnel have been trained as to what materials can be brought to site and to prevent the mixing of incompatible wastes within the site.  Once the materials arrive on site they are checked by the CalMax representative on site to ensure that the site is capable of receiving the material. Our Waste Management Plan for the operation of the Transfer Station was developed with the assistance and close cooperation with SEPA who have been very supportive of the project.

The waste transfer station allows us to reduce waste by reusing materials that inevitably arises from construction related activities such as site clearances and demolition. The ability to store and reuse materials reduces the requirement to buy in materials from other sources allowing us to pass on savings to clients.